Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Lightskin - Peau Claire

I'm heading off back home to Montreal tomorrow. Excited, nervous, trying to think of way I can be sure to sleep through the bulk of my 15+ hour plane trip. Usually I get razzed by the roar of the engines, the expanse of tarmac and the intertwisting wafts of jet fule and Dity Free perfume which sing "bon voyage".
I remember once listening to Debussy's 'Clouds' from above the clouds and looking down and being stirred as music can only stir me.

You'll excuse me if I keep this brief. I got a paper lamp design to figure out before a session with Venus Eclipse and the rest of the day coaxing the sluggish computers at Yonsei to churn out something passable to show at my opening...one week away.

Baruch Gottlieb - LIGHTSKIN

Baruch Gottlieb aka Brucie G aka Bru CG aka Spruce Bruce, long denizen of Montreal's underground music scene has been plumbing his art vein for the last few years doing performances installations and public art around the world.

In his first solo art show in Montreal, Gottlieb presents LIGHTSKIN: illuminated stpped-on, sat-on, slept-on canvasses printed with patterns of his freckled skin. 450 meters of 2nd-generation skin has additionally been printed up for this event which will be plastered around Montreal as well as in the space.

Come to O Patro Vys on April 6th for the opening and sample the freshly uncapped olfactory backdrop to the haunting illuminated skin tableaux, as well as performances and other treats.

Experience the deliciously twisted and uproarously indomitable sensibility that is your friend and typical Montreal native son of Baruch Bruce E Gottlieb, in his new show LIGHTSKIN.

Baruch Gottlieb - "PEAU CLAIRE"

Baruch Gottlieb, dit Brucie G, Bru CG, ou encore Spruce Bruce,
autochtone de la scène musicale Underground montréalaise, poursuit
depuis plusieurs années sa démarche artistique en réalisant des
performances, des installations et de l'art public tout autour du monde.

Lors de sa première exposition personnelle à Montréal, Gottlieb a
présenté "PEAU CLAIRE": de grandes toiles illuminées, imprimées d'un
motif en grandeur nature créé à partir d'une photographie de sa peau, et
présentées sous la forme de grands coussins. Les visiteurs y ont
déambulé, s'y sont assis ou allongés pendant les cinq semaines qu'a duré
l'exposition à la Galerie Pince Takamado de l'Ambassade du Canada à Tokyo.

Il présente aujourd'hui une "nouvelle peau": "PEAU CLAIRE" 2e
génération, d'une longueur de 450 mètres, qui sera exposée dans l'espace
urbain de Montréal.

Venez nombreux le 6 avril 2005 à "O Patro Vys" pour le vernissage de la
nouvelle exposition de Baruch Bruce E. Gottlieb, "PEAU CLAIRE". Une
performance musicale et olfactive, ainsi que bien d'autres surprises
vous y attendent!


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