Monday, November 05, 2007

new post

HI Everyone,

I'm posting again as part of a perhaps short-lived attempt to integrate as much new media into my life as I can during the next few months. This is all part of teaching by example my current course in Theories and Practices of New Media at Yonsei.

I started a facebook, myspace and am updating my and blogger pages regularly, I also intend to be intensely active on YouTube and SecondLife at least until end of the semester tying to generate as much cross-platform content as possible as I explore possible various forms of creativity between information, inanity, imagination and that loving touch of actual craft.
and, my long-neglected homepage
also check out 'my' new media gallery at school
the sound symposium I organized last month

Check out my "president of the world" poll on the right... I hope the Yes Men will come along and help me make a site for a real global election. We need a new world government to mitigate corporate excesses. One world government, to more evenly redistribute global weath, develop sophisticated technologies of Fairness to undermine old-skool meaniecracy!